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Rebranding and Burberry

Rebranding and Burberry

Rebranding and Burberry

As in every marketing activity, also in Fashion Marketing the consumer is in the center. Fashion brands and their products have the responsibility of reflecting a lifestyle and are used as a mean by the consumers. Reflecting a lifestyle also pushes the fashion brands to be more creative in their marketing activities.

With the increasing number of brands in the Fashion Industry, the competition also increases while it becomes more difficult for the brands to satisfy the consumers. Being a lifestyle brand and reflecting this to the consumers is more important for premium fashion brands due to their price and positioning.

Many fashion brands that have been in the market for a long time started to do rebranding and create new textures in order to differentiate. Rebranding can be an opportunity to target new consumers, but at the same time it can be a risk to not satisfy the loyal customer group of the brand.

In order to be a part of the consumers lives, fashion brands are building unique marketing campaigns, and surprising consumers with where and how they face them. Especially, when it comes to introducing new designs or rebranding, it is important to make the consumer familiarize with the new elements.

Examples of this can be Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram 2020 campaign and Monogram 2019 Campaign. Burberry presented their new monogram of 2020 on balloons and sailboats, their 2019 monogram on Taxis in London and on their Flagship store in Seoul. Even in these examples the new Monogram may not be facing the consumers near their purchase area, however, the way the new Monogram is presented is unique, impressive and influential. That will remain in the consumers mind and they will recall it later on. Also, they did rebranding by continuing to produce their famous texture, which gave them the opportunity to target new consumers while their loyal customers remain.

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Fashion is about what brands market to you; if they do not target you, you cannot be aware of it.


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