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2020: Online and Virtual Shopping

2020 Online and Virtual Shopping

2020: Online and Virtual Shopping

In the year 2020, with the Covid-19 outbreak our lives have shaped in another way. First of all, I commemorate those who lost their lives, wish their families and loved one’s strength and patience. With the lockdowns that we have experienced and the overall outbreak, the way we consume has also changed.

The outbreak has proved the power and importance of the online world. During the lockdowns, the only opportunity of non-essential shops was to sell online, accordingly they started to give more importance to create digital marketing strategies. Today for a fashion brand it is a ‘must’ to be in the online world. 

Brands have started to create online shopping experiences which includes visiting virtual stores, getting shopping advices via video calls, chatting with sales assistants through websites of brands and more. This clearly indicates the transformation of the way of consuming.

Due to the rapidly changing world and the increased use of social media platforms, online presence has become crucial for brands. Also, this year, Instagram has introduced the in-app shopping feature referring to the challenges of Covid-19 crisis. This feature will benefit brands considering the popularity of the platform. According to the data by Facebook, 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram to discover products. Instagram can be considered as an online sales channel with the new Shop page, besides promotion and online presence. Brands will have the opportunity to reach their audience instantly through the app where they spend most of their time.

To sum up, virtual experiences has become the central point of online shopping and the online world has gained more importance in 2020. For brands, it is important to adapt to the fast-paced world in order to survive and be ahead of their competitors.

Doga Ilter

Fashion is about what brands market to you; if they do not target you, you cannot be aware of it.

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