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Rolling Stones as a Retail Brand

Rolling Stones as a Retail Brand

Rolling Stones as a Retail Brand

To be a brand it is not enough to find a brand name and establish a business. Brands stand out with their brand identity, values and many more aspects where strong brand equity is required for long-term success.

Rolling Stones has been a music band till today, however, with the power of their reputation, iconic logo and awareness they have opened their world-first flagship store, ‘RS No. 9 Carnaby’ at 9 Carnaby Street in London.

Store Environment and Uniqueness of RS No. 9 Carnaby

It’s known in marketing that the physical surrounding and store environment has an influencing effect on consumers purchase decisions; even if the consumers enter the store but do not have the intention of purchasing. Rolling Stones has implemented this successfully into their store with the design, layout and colours that represent the Rolling Stones brand identity strongly. The usage of the iconic logo and red colour in the store is a powerful driver and unique element in the store’s design. RS No. 9 Carnaby also features limited edition products and a customisation station. The uniqueness of the store and products transform the ‘shopping process’ into a ‘shopping experience’ for the customers.

In short, the iconic band has transformed into a unique retail brand by presenting in the best way how a brand can be transformed into a retail brand and how this can be implemented by protecting the brand identity and demonstrating their uniqueness.

Doga Ilter

Fashion is about what brands market to you; if they do not target you, you cannot be aware of it.


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