Fashion Brands During Covid-19

Fashion Brands During Covid19

Fashion Brands During Covid-19

As all the industries, also the fashion industry has an opportunity to rebuild the values on the terms of ethics, responsibility and respect. Especially after the Covid-19 virus it can be seen as a new start, hoping that the importance of the environment and ourselves has been understood better.

Marketing is about identifying the consumers’ needs and satisfying them, however, it is also about taking action and ensuring to give the correct message to the consumers.  During the Covid-19 lockdown period many fashion brands had the responsibility to influence and guide their customers and audience; considering the fact that fashion brands reflect a lifestyle. The given messages were similar, including the following words: ‘we’, ‘together’, ‘all’. Instead of sticking to the common tagline ‘stay home’ Nike told their millions of audience to ‘Play inside’. While Moncler aimed to highlight the warmth of being home by positive messages. Considering the reach power of global brands they had the responsibility of taking action.

Also many well-known brands have made donations to organizations and/or produced hospital gowns and face masks in order to donate and help the community.

When ethics are considered, many brands have produced their products with messages about Covid-19 or thank you messages to donate to charity. Apart from charity donations and reasonable income from sales, some brands placing fun messages about the current situation on products may not be perceived as ethical by the consumers. However, ethics is also how the consumer perceives the message.

Wearing a mask has become a part of our life. Branded masks have started to enter the market, will consumers show any interest in the masks? Are branded masks ethical? Is it a need or want? We will understand in the coming months.

Doga Ilter

Fashion is about what brands market to you; if they do not target you, you cannot be aware of it.


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1 thought on “Fashion Brands During Covid-19”

  1. I really liked the article and I found the way the topic was developed very interesting.
    Personally, I believe that wearing a mask in these days is a need however wearing a designed mask can be considered as a want to be fashionable. Designed masks are becoming a fashion accessory.

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