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Showapp's story started in January 2014, promoting and selling Turkish designer brands. Turkey's first and only Fashion sales showroom, Showapp helps bring the Turkish design culture, style, and way of life to foreign markets, especially in the Middle East, where Turkish Fashion holds an important place in the Fashion scene. At Showapp we strive to [...] Read more


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Matla Matla’s story based on the paintings which have been drawn since her childhood and the photographs which have been taken since 2005 by the founder/designer Duygu Özdemir Kibar. Although she had her education on civil engineering and she has worked as an engineer in private sector for 8 years, she always imagined to create [...] Read more

Away Denim

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Away Denim takes inspiration from art, nature, music, life itself, it is also a platform for avant-garde and creative people around the world who like to share clean esthetic and celebrate creativity. Our brand story is about travelling Earth by visiting festivals, climbing and cycling because of this, we see Woodstock Festival a starting point [...] Read more