The Yellow Branding: Selfridges

The Yellow Branding Selfridges

The Yellow Branding: Selfridges

Anyone who came to London has definitely come across a yellow bag in the hands of other people: The yellow bag of Selfridges.

Besides being a high-end retailer and selling luxurious products with the branding they do and the shopping experience they create, Selfridges have become an icon for luxury shopping. 

More than a ‘Yellow Bag’

Colour is a powerful element in branding that can make the brand stand out and differentiate from the competitors even without the logo or brand name. Among the successful brand image they have created, only the bags are being sold on second-hand websites which means: there are consumers that are willing to buy only their iconic yellow bag. To reach this position, it can be stated that Selfridges has created high brand awareness with the high recognition and influencing effect of their yellow bags.

The Customer Experience

Another fact which makes Selfridges unique is the customer experience they create, starting from the storefront when the consumers pass the store in London. When consumers enter the store the experiential features increase; these vary from music to sculptures, designed shelves, contemporary designed floors, a car and a skateboarding area named ‘The Bowl’. These areas in the store change between departments according to the target groups interest and the brand’s identity which Selfridges comprises. Especially in the streetwear room the music and the designer brand’s areas represents the lifestyle of streetwear and every brand has their own area integrated with the customers and matching their own brand’s identity.

Doga Ilter

Fashion is about what brands market to you; if they do not target you, you cannot be aware of it.


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