Fashion Week SS 2020

Fashion Week SS 2020

Fashion Week SS 2020

The Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 as always opened New York’s designers, Fashion week has passed as well in London, Milan, and Paris. Next will be in Istanbul.

What do designers offer this season?

New York designers demonstrated on the runway collections reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s. Leather oversized coats, jackets, unisex costumes, tight long dresses and skirts, with a cut from the side, as well as one shoulder dresses. Textile designers used leathers, satin, shiny fabrics with sequins. Carrying over from last season is animal print and print cage.

Alexander Wang / New York

You can see his handwriting in the Wang collection, so much coolness, sexuality and audacity. Although, unlike previous seasons, Alexander used not only black, but also other colors like white, beige, denim, and brown in his spring-summer 2020 collection. But Wang is still the god of the total black. The difference between Alexander Wang and Saint Laurent is insolence and elegance, but they both use black color expertly.

Ryan Roche / New York

Ryan uses only organic materials, as the main priorities of this designer are quality and naturalness. Ryan minimalists and total beige look on runway was so elegance. The designer also used classic wide pants, wide shorts and suits reminding us of Julia Roberts style in the 80s and 90s. Yea fashion comes and goes, but style is forever. (Coco Chanel)

Between Milanese and New York, designers difference is femininity and simple elegance.

From Milan fashion week I open for myself  a new brand “ NO.21” NO.21 is actually not too young of a brand, but I saw for the first time their Spring 2020 collection and I fell in love with their style, minimalism, and simplicity which hides a difficult tailoring. This makes it expensive and interesting and the flying floral print looked tasty.

Moschino / Milan

Jeremy Scott made dresses canvas for Pablo Picasso. The designer was inspired by the famous and very talented artist Picasso. It has long been believed that fashion and art are closely related, and proof of this is the Moschino collection by Jeremy Scott. Seeing Picasso’s live paintings on models was breathtaking.

London Fashion Week reminds me of Renaissance fashion, well styled in a modern style.

Peen by Thornton Bregazzi / London

Sarah Mower tells that the designers had composed the collection from a mix of leftover fabric from previous seasons; sustainably sourced viscose; and, in the case of some of the sheer dresses, “georgette that’s made from recycled plastic bottles and textile waste.” Nowadays, we have a serious environmental problem and some designers are already acting. The collection looks flying, romantic.  I would wear a white dress with shuttlecocks for wedding.

Paris Fashion Week is always exciting and crowded, because high fashion was once born here. Do you want to plunge into the world of high and sophisticated fashion? Well, I highlighted several collections that definitely won my heart and soul…

Celine / Paris

For Hedi Slimane 60s and 70s is his element.I love collection by Hedi Slimane menswear spring summer 2020.Models with their French nonchalance and undone hair, and their ability to tie a scarf , by aviator sunglass and hippy jacket…And perfect elegant vintage color combination. The song by Bodega – Name Escape was fit so good to the collection.

Kimhekim / Paris

I also become acquainted with a brand,  Kimhekim from South Korea, who makes Paris fashion week debut.

Designer call his first look on runway “Attention Seeker” and there is a debate in social media about what the designer meant… who knows ? Artis mind is not predictable

Designer call his first look on runway “Attention Seeker” and there is a debate in social media about what the designer meant… who knows ? Artist mind is not predictable.

Aidina Urustava

It is not important to dress in fashion, the main thing clothe should looks  good on you, stay yourself.


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