Trends and Beach Fashion Base 2019

Trends and Beach Fashion Base 2019

Trends and Beach Fashion Base 2019

The summer continues and the trends change, I will help you choose a swimsuit according to the trend, just for you and for your type of figure…

Retro Swimsuit

High swimsuit panties, two years ago, this trend entered our summer, and is still one of the stylish, not standard, interesting solutions on the beach.  Of course there are some restrictions, such panties focus on your stomach, if you have a small volume in the belly area, then it is better not to wear such swimsuits, but if you have big hips and a flat stomach, then be sure to try this trend, this is the most feminine  and an unusual swimsuit.  Pay attention to the fabric when choosing such down of bikini , the fabric must be tightening and very very dense, I have sometimes seen such made of very thin fabric, such that roll up in the area of belly  or legs.

Many brands have started selling swimsuits separately, that is, you can choose the right size of panties separately and bra this is incredibly pleasing, because most of women are up and down in size different.  It is perfect that manufactures began to offer separately.

I like the retro performance of this swimsuit, for example, white swimsuits, a red and white striped umbrella, sun glasses cat eyes, this is the perfect combination to create a feminine retro look.  Also, about a one-piece swimsuit, fits well with the retro trend, and looks great on a hourglass body type , also especially  of figures a rectangle, of course, if you are not a fan of bright tan.

And one more little life hacking, in the evening, wear one-piece swimsuits like a bodysuit with loose trousers or skirts to go to a cocktail, a bar or just for a walk.

80 ‘s Swimwear

My favorite trend, 80s sexy and sophisticated.  Swimsuit panties high side slits, not many people are used to this trend, and there are certain advantages, our legs look quite long, but there are also disadvantages, if you have wide hips and they are quite low, then these panties will not suit you  because deep high neckline will emphasize that you have low hips.

Neon Swimsuits

If you are a fan of bright unusual color combinations, then the neon trend is what you need.  Because neon is itself a bright color and on the beach in the sun neon almost glow.  I also want to say that the neon color is best, looks, on tanned skin.

Print Thai – Dai Swimwear

Try this trend. If you are a fan of the newest, the freshest. If you want the most trendy and unusual options, then this trend is exactly what you need. This trend is not famous as others, so you should especially pay attention to it if you like to be different.

PVC Bags

Plastic transparent bags, this is the trend that captured all the fashionistas, and if we are talking about the beach, then this is the place where this material is most appropriate.  Because if such bag becomes wet then nothing will happen to it.  That is why I recommend to buy a pvc bag, especially that in colored plastic versions looks very stylish.


The most relevant on the beach are any materials that are associated with the sea, and these are shells, pearls, corals.  Especially this year, shells chokers are popular.


Plain fabric Panama, now many brands have interesting options, with animal prints, there is also a tai – dai print and many other various colors.  The most important thing is that your panama coincides with your swimsuit with your cape.

White Shirt

Nothing is easier, nothing is cheaper, and nothing is more stylish than a simple, cotton, linen white shirt instead of a cape, worn over your swimsuit.  You can save money and take such a shirt from your husband, but the most important thing is that such a shirt be made of natural fabrics like cotton and better even linen.  Minimalist and stylish.

Aidina Urustava

Fashion goes, style is forever


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