Milano Design Week

Milano Design Week

Milano Design Week

Milano design week, is held every year in april, was between the dates 4th-9th april in this year. If you still don’t see or want to explore Milan, it is the best week to visit Milan. The whole city is becoming an exhibition venue, in the offices, studios, courtyards which are normally not open to public, production of designers, from both Italy and many parts of the world, are exhibited. Of course, as the designs and designers spread throughout the city, street fashion styles, more assertive than Milan’s fashion week, are spreading all over the city.

Street styles from Milan design week

Milan design week is called by two different names in Italian, according to the zones. “Salone del Mobile” and “Fuori Salone”. Fuori Salone contains exhibitions of design products from all sectors which spreads throughout the city, including Ventura, Tortona ve Brera as main regions.

Salone del Mobile, is located in Milan’s fair area, contains exhibitions which are more furniture oriented. In the Salone del Mobile, the world’s famous brands that we are used to see in fashion industry, compete with each other in a different league this time. With the household product designs…

Let’s look together this year’s most interesting designs and exhibitions among these brands.

Dolce & Gabbana together with Smeg this year created a limited collection of kitchen utensils for Milan Design Week. The collection were produced with the theme of “Sicily is my love” and includes products covered with D&G patterns such as coffee machine, toaster, fruit juice machine.

D&G Smeg

Louis Vuitton has added 10 new pieces this year to the collection “Objets Nomades” which was inspired by travel theme. Louis Vuitton, is working with international designers, included also India Mahdavi e Tokujin Yoshioka to their team this year. The Sofa by Campana Brothers in this collection, was designed inspiring by the seashell in the Boticelli’s  “The Birth of Venus” painting.

Objets Nomades

Trussardi designed an armchair, called “Maryl”, for the design week inspiring by the “Milanese” style. The seat was designed by architect Carlo Colombo under the supervision of designer Gaia Trussardi, to be customized with different fabric and leather alternatives.


During the entire design week, the two brands that attracted the most interest were Jil Sandler and Cos.The exhibition which was located in Jil Sandler’s showroom, created with designer Oki Sato’s collaboration and The Cos’s installation which was created by Studio Swan, was among the “top 10 exhibition to see” list of all design magazines. In a part of the Jil Sandler exhibition, there were designs where 2D fabric patterns were made into 3D and as the inspiration for the Cos installation, designers say:

2016 was a year full of changes and crisis and so we wanted to create an installation that could offer a moment of contemplation. The inspiration for the installation was nature and the changing of the seasons. For us, this idea has such universal beauty. We aim to create a democratic experience which brings people together. “

(You can watch the videos of installations from the links on the references.)

Jil Sandler



Nendo-jil sandler

Dilara Dağlı

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Photographs from  Vogue Italia,, Dolce&Gabbana ‘s instagram page,,,

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