The Real Fashion Victims…

The Real Fashion Victims

The Real Fashion Victims…


I am Urustava Aidina a fashion designer, and I want to share with you about the dark side of my profession.

The global problem in the fashion industry is fast fashion, what is fast fashion?  And why is it so bad?

This is what we see , in the world of Mass Market, (it is popular clothes brands that we meet in shopping malls, like Zara, H&M, Topshop, etc.) in such global companies, collections are updated every week, so as a result, brands produce about 48 collections of clothes a year.  We are consuming too much and too quick. So it turns out that we can afford a lot of clothes for a fairly small amount of money, and then quickly throw it away accordingly?

Have you wondered?  “WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES” ??? people have not yet created robots that would sew clothes, so who sews this much clothing non stopping?

If you read the label in clothes, most are made in the third world countries, it is Bangladesh, China,India, Cambodia, etc. People who is working in terrible conditions, and with terrible less salary.(Their salary is 2, 3 $ per day).

And let’s not forget that our clothes are sewn firstly often from non-natural materials, and secondly definitely not high-quality. Sad that , the clothes from Mass Market even are very quickly torn, spoiled, lose their shape, and at the same time it quickly goes out of fashion, so you have to change it so often.

Textile industry ranks third in environmental pollution.  Contaminated air, water, diseases appear, etc.


The original idea was to produce affordable clothing for the middle class, and to provide work for the country’s with bad economies. But when the balance is lost, a problem is created that will collapse.  And how to keep a balance when we live in capitalist time?  everyone wants only for themselves!!!

To solve the problem will need to change the industry system. 

For example, to reduce the number of collections of clothing, and pay deservedly for the workers, or at least to build good conditions in clothing factories where even minors work.

So it is not in our power with you, but we could influence it from other side, and awaken those who are engaged in this system of textile industry.

Actually, what I see the solution?

MAKE REALIZED shopping, do not waste too much, know the balance, and don’t buy a T-shirt for every party.

Firstly, reduce your own consumption, understand what exactly we need and do not need! Do not buy the tenth identical blouse,make so that every thing in your wardrobe is special, loved and really necessary. There are so many young talented designers who create unique clothes  for which you have to pay a little more, but your clothes will have value. Fashion must be art for designers, for people expressing theirselves  from the outside. One quality is better than ten not quality.

If there are no changes in the textile industry, the environmental consequences will be catastrophic.


Old clothes do not need to be thrown into the trash.  First of all, you can sell it, there is a lot of ways how to do it.  there are applications such as “Dolap” that is an online second-hand, you can easily sell your clothes, secondly  you can distribute them for free to those in need, or send them to special containers, clothes in containers are being recycled, or they go to countries in need, these are mainly Asia and Africa.

Although some countries are already refusing to accept old clothes from Germany, and where will the American waste go?  with a size larger than the Empire State Building .

For more information on this topic I advise you to watch the documentary film “The real price of fashion” in the film describes in detail the root of the problem.

Each of us is part of this world and we are able to save it or destroy it, choosing destruction means you destroy yourself cuz you are this world!

                    Fashion must be art,  but not the destruction of the earth.

Aidina Urustava

Guest Author

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